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Alexis Kings - Keep It Sexy

By Edward Upham

Alexis Kings

Alexis Kings formed back in 2010 in St Albans and 2014 sees them release their press release dubbed "mini-EP", which goes by the title of ‘Keep It Sexy’. This mini-EP comes in a total length of two songs at just under nine minutes.

'1972' is far from energetic in sound and plays out for little under five minutes. Whilst the song doesn't appear to display much in the way of a distinctive character when you listen to it, it does have a knack of staying memorable as well as offering credentials of the duo's writing abilities. 'Brothers' opens up next with a grim sounding introduction that sound morphs into an array of funky riffs leaving the potentially dark sound behind. When the vocals finally commence my first impression is that the vocalist's style is very reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys, however, I have never been a huge fan of them and largely ignored their music where possible. In this comparison between Arctic Monkeys and Alexis Kings it has become clear to me that the latter are making me reconsider previously established opinions on the former. The bridge contains a set of lyrics that I downright love - "You were a mistake but baby I was made for you." This comes right before one more eruption of the chorus before the strings and percussion (although to a much lighter emphasis than previously) play out the last seconds of the song. In a sense it offers a different way to view the band's style and it leaves you guessing which of the styles represented in the two songs is most representative of the duo's core sound. Personally, I am left in preference of the sound from 'Brothers' but I am sure there are many who would lean towards '1972'.

It would be very nice to be able to listen to more music by Alexis Kings. That is simply the biggest criticism that I can offer and, in a sense, it also functions as a worthwhile compliment to the excellent first impression that these guys leave.

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