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You Win Again Gravity - Brightly Coloured Landscapes

By Max Barter

You Win Again Gravity

You Win Again Gravity are a post-hardcore quintet from Windsor whose influences vary from a grand selection of alternative artists. One being Finch, a band I grew up listening to which developed my tastes on alternative music altogether. Other influences such as Deftones, Poison The Well, and Misery Signals can also be detected throughout the band's short EP, titled 'Brightly Coloured Landscapes'.

'Written Off As Fiction' is the band's apparent highlight track on the EP, which has also been successfully featured on Scuzz TV recently, elevating their success to new levels. The song itself is intimate, mostly gentle, and doesn't reveal what the band are truly capable of, but does target an audience that You Win Again Gravity are initially seeking - and probably deserving of. The other three tracks provide more depth, bounce, and emotion - earning their post-hardcore title. The EP consists of mostly clean sung vocals throughout, whilst backup vocalist Dan belts out the roaring screams, overall providing variety to the band's sound. Screaming vocalists in this genre often become shortlisted out of the picture as a band grows, but without these additional vocals the tracks wouldn't interest me as much as they currently do.

Despite the lazy appearance of the EP's cover art and logo/font, which looks more bland than a bowl of cornflakes, the EP itself proves worthy enough for a few more listens especially on how technical and almost mathcore they progress using the hardcore genre. That's not to say the music is all whirlwind-batshit-crazy, but at times these guys can pull off the occasional utterly intense and practical riff. The combination of You Win Again Gravity’s gentle approach fused with their more extreme side to things is what I like most about 'Brightly Coloured Landscapes' - reminding me of Proceed's debut EP 'Seven Days & A Fire Blanket' (before they dropped their metal aspects and went a bit shit). If You Win Again Gravity are able to somehow increase their already impressive range, with a slightly better production quality - I could honestly see them scoring some pretty awesome line-ups as a sub-headliner in the future to come.

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