cd reviews

Silent Front

Silent Front - Trust

By Karen Cousins

Jarring riffs steadied with unrelenting drums, angular melodies paced with screamed vocals, ‘Trust’ opens with the commanding ‘Mechanical Grip’ a perfect introduction to Silent Front ...


Lapland - Lapland

By Edward Upham

Lapland is the new moniker for the music of Brooklyn-based Josh Mease and 'Lapland' is his self-titled debut album, which offers a glimpse into the mind of Mease as he travels through the music. ...


Canaya - Sealed Within The Walls

By Zoe Rose Smith

Having been described as one of the heaviest and most brutal bands in England, Canaya are destroying our souls (in a good way) with their recent EP 'Sealed Within The Walls'. Frontman ...

SJ Esau

SJ Esau - Exploding Views

By Larry Day

We've been left out in the cold for six arduous years, but finally, Bristol's hometown weird-indie hero Sam Wisternoff - AKA SJ Esau - has returned with 'Exploding Views'. For those late ...

Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner - You Can Do Better

By Barry Dolan

Johnny Foreigner have a knack for kicking off their albums with a special little something that alerts you to just how the next 40 minutes or so of your life are going to be significantly improved ...