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Limp Bizkit/Crossfaith/Nekrogoblikon/Baby Godzilla

Where: 02 Academy // When: 12/02/2014

by Jodie Humphries
Photos by Mike Boddy

Baby Godzilla

The news that Limp Bizkit were headlining this year’s Kerrang! Tour split opinions. Some were overjoyed that a band they thought they had little chance of ever seeing live were within their grasp; whilst others were quick to slate the choice of headliner. Of course the Kerrang! Tour isn’t all about the headliner – far from it. Kerrang! select a variety of bands to tickle your taste buds. When I previously reviewed the Kerrang! Tour a few years ago in Bristol, I was taken back more than a few years in time with Good Charlotte. Those cynics amongst us may mock their choice of these older bands as headliners, but for those who are transported back to being fifteen again, the night is a chance to feel young yet again.

As the crowd gradually drifted in, Baby Godzilla took to the stage and we instantly knew we were in for a high octane show. You could tell from the whole vibe of this rock outfit that it doesn’t matter if they are playing in front of one person – or 1000 people – they will give it their all. For the entirety of their set, the four guys didn’t let up; their passion for their music and playing was clear – either that or they had stuffed themselves full of sugar before they climbed the stage. They screamed, jumped and pounded their way through their set; the majority of which was spent trying to get as close as possible to the crowd who lined the barriers. Baby Godzilla may have been insane, but they raised the bar from the off and set the stage ready for Nekrogoblikon.


Goblin power was in full force for self-confessed goblin metal act Nekrogoblikon. The LA-based band are keen to offer you the whole package; as we queued to get in we were handed a goblin mask, while the show itself was introduced by none other than John Goblikon, who proceeded to dance his way through the show. Living in their created fantasy land, Nekrogoblikon scream fun ad laughter, mixed with the intoxicating power of goblin metal. The band are unique; they are shaping their own future (the only band I have seen that are anything like them are Doctor Nut). Song like ‘Friends (In Space)’ were frantic and energetic, while ‘Powercore’ saw fast-paced metal drumming with crashing cymbals and growled vocals racing through the song – the keys further add to mix by bringing in the fantasy element to the song. You can be sure that Nekrogoblikon gained more than a few new fans after this performance; it was fresh and new – and most importantly, fun.


Japan’s Crossfaith literally bounded onto the stage; they took their places and were poised to cause carnage. Announcing, ‘We Are The Future’, the five-piece had the audience by the guts from the off as they launched into their set head first. Their blend of technical hardcore and metal screams brutality; it had the audience going nuts as moshpits formed and the crowd sang along. The outfit are as tight as they come, and with their choreographed movements, they were a huge hit with the swelling crowd. As the lights flashed and the music pulsated in your eardrums, Crossfaith pummelled you senseless. As you thought their set couldn’t get any crazier, they bought out the big guns; a cover of ‘Omen’ – the crowd went nuts singing back and moving. Crossfaith really did seal their fate as ones to watch on the live circuit. But if you thought it couldn’t get any more nuts, then you seriously weren’t prepared for the arrival of Limp Bizkit.

Limp Bizkit

As the buzz in the 02 reached fever pitch, the time that the majority of the audience were waiting for had arrived; Limp Bizkit. A cover of ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and then into ‘Rollin’ and we were off to have our faces completely and utterly rocked. The crowd were already going mental as the sound of Limp Bizkit ran through our veins and pulsated in our heads. Sporting his normal red cap, Fred Durst was on fire as ‘Rollin’ was in full swing; the crowd sang back at the top of their lungs as they pushed to get closer to their heroes. Their set was full of energy and enthusiasm; from the band and the crowd. They seemed at home on the Bristol stage as they chatted between songs before launching into more numbers such as ‘Nookie’, ‘My Generation’, ‘My Way’ and the crowd chosen ‘Faith’ (there was a choice between that and ‘Eaten Alive’). During the set, you can imagine the excitement when Mr Durst entered the crowd and was singing; you could see every bouncer in the place poised to leap into action.

Finishing on ‘Take A Look Around’, the sound was cranked up and the crowd took the chance to go mental for once last time. As the opening notes died due to the strict curfew, there were cries for more; everyone agreed it was over far too soon. The entire set was brutal and full of carnage. Limp Bizkit showed that they still have exactly what it takes to put on one hell of a show. This gig will be hard to top in 2014. Immense!

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