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The Twang

Where: The Fleece // When: 15/02/2014

by Sophie Crocker

The Twang

With a new album, ‘N E O N T W A N G' ready and waiting in the wings, The Twang have hit the road to play a series of intimate shows. Bristol was lucky enough that they stopped off at The Fleece on the way.

Unfortunately, due to work I was unable to make it down to The Fleece to catch the support, Towns, but it was clear from the atmosphere in the room that the band were a hit. Despite the normal smooth running at The Fleece, The Twang were 25 minutes late starting due to someone collapsing on the floor and an ambulance having to be called. The twitchy crowd soon forgot the drama though when The Twang entered and the whole venue rose in unison. They opened with the powerful new single ‘Larry Lizard’ off ‘N E O N T W A N G', which proved a hit with the swelling audience.

The Twang seemed keen to show off their variety of styles during their set. ‘Barney Rubble’ bought an electric atmosphere, causing a party atmosphere throughout the building; the whole crowd was bouncing and the atmosphere was infectious. ‘Paradise’ created a more chilled out mood with its softer melody. This song had the crowd swaying their arms and singing; “You think it’s all about you”. ‘Two Lovers’ was a storming success with the crowd chanting back the lyrics; the look of pride on the bands’ face was a pure highlight. It was clear that this was a song that the crowd were keen to hear, as the whole venue erupted with joy as the song started. Throughout the gig, praise should be given for the interaction between Phil Etheridge and Martin Saunders; it showed a clear bond and made the whole crowd feel a part of the music.

Unable to do an encore due to the late start, they rounded the set off with a clear crowd-pleaser of ‘Cloudy Room’, which drew the gig to a perfect close. This song had the whole crowd jumping; people of all ages moved as one; it made a beautiful close to the set. A few problems at the start of the show didn’t affect the fact the gig was a success. Having previously not known much of The Twang’s music, after watching their set it is safe to say I am definitely a fan. The vocals, supported by fantastic music and a phenomenal crowd interaction prove they are a band to keep an eye out for if they head to a city near you. The new album and this set of gigs is just the start of an exciting new chapter for The Twang.

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