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Matt Pryor / Allison Weiss

Where: The Exchange // When: 21/02/2014

by Sophie Crocker

Allison Weiss

Friday night saw the American singer songwriter Matt Pryor take to the stage of The Exchange. On tour with Matt Pryor was Allison Weiss. Despite not having a large crowd for her set, she delivered her quirky sound across the venue. The folk mixed country songs that were played, mixed with the humour she supplied, went down extremely well with the crowd. Even though she is a young girl, she provides excellent stage presence by constantly cracking jokes that gets the whole crowds attention. Her last song called ‘Don’t Go’ was full of energy, lively, and powerful even though it was only her and a guitar on the stage. For fans of Mumford and Sons, I’d definitely recommend her.

Matt Pryor

The crowd carried on drifting into the venue during Allison’s set, but everyone who was coming was there when Matt Pryor entered the stage. Walking on stage with just a guitar, the nerves were clear from the expression on his face. With just his voice and his guitar, he opened his set with ‘Red Letter Day’, which showed off his powerful unique voice. Matt uses his strong raspy voice to portray the emotion from songs into the crowd. Even though there was only a small crowd, everyone was singing along to this song, as Matt’s proud smile beamed down. Matt was relaxed onstage despite nerves at the start; he encouraged crowd interaction, made jokes, and just had fun.

Promoting his new record, ‘Wrist Slitter’, he played the single ‘Kinda Go To Pieces’, which shows different tempos created with his guitar to create a sing that was very catchy and upbeat. Throughout his set, you could see a common theme of family flowing through the music; this was reinforced by the song ‘My Dad Used To Have A Pistol’. When Matt slowed down and softened the mood for a few slower songs, it really emphasised the effect he had on the crowd by the fact that there was no other sounds except the voices echoing back to him. Matt also performed some new songs such as ‘She Won’t Speak To Me’, which was accompanied by a funny story that inspired the song. The crowd interaction encouraged a medley of a break up and love song which Matt reluctantly agreed to try. This however did run smoothly even though it wasn’t planned, thus showing signs of a true skilled musician.

For an intimate acoustic gig Matt showed how powerful his voice is. Bringing a taste of America to England, Matt Pryor is definitely worth checking out if he ever heads to a city near you.

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